This weekend at Boréal

This weekend I’ll be at Congrès Boréal, a mostly-francophone SF conference being held at the Hotel Espresso on Guy (a mere four blocks from my place — such hardship!).

There are a few English panels. I’ll be on this one:

TO QUEBEC AND THE STARS, Sunday 11:30am:
Claude Lalumière (m), Glenn Grant, Jo Walton, and Mark Shainblum
What does it entail, in Quebec, to write genre fiction in English? Are there enough opportunities to get published or is it necessary to look outside of the province? If so, how hard is it to actually get noticed by Canadian and American publishers? Do they, and their public, have different tastes or expectations that writers should account for when submitting their work? What about translation? Is it a viable way to reach a broader readership?

I suspect we will deal with the questions in the panel description in the first ten minutes and then wander off onto whatever we want to talk about for the rest of the hour :)

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